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When you build, renovate or furnish a home you are creating an environment for your life. A springboard to conversations. A retreat. There is one style that matters. Yours.

Our approach to creating truly personal homes is founded on four key principles:

Don’t fight the bones.

We love working on architecturally-led projects for exactly this reason. Certainly you can push a style a bit, but like fashion, if you step too far outside the silhouette, you will look ridiculous. It is this way with interiors, too. You have to respect the structure of a building to successfully create its interiors.

Personality is in the details.

Details, or the lack thereof, are the statements of a design. Choosing wisely creates the atmosphere, energy and refinement. Skipping the details, because they are, just the details, is a mistake of the highest order. It misses the whole point of the undertaking.

Make tough choices.

You may have heard the phrase you can have anything you want, but you can’t have everything you want. Sad, but true. Setting priorities is essential to a great project. This is heart-centred work, and it demands a clear understanding of what is most important to you.

Simplicity is planned.

Anything that works smoothly and seems simple is always the result of tremendous thought, trial and editing. If it’s complex, it’s not ready. This applies to the weekly family schedule, your technology environment and your relationships. When we can see and feel the flow and connection in our interiors, we know we’ve achieved this goal.

If you want to know how to go from “I’m thinking about some changes” to “I love where I live”, give us a call.