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Yours + Mine >> Making the bed creates happiness

BedmakingGretchen Rubin is an author I admire. If you don’t know her she wrote the The Happiness Project, wherein she spent a year trying out the wisdom of the ages to find greater happiness in her own life. It’s created a bit of a thing for her with international bestsellers and the like. She has a lot of interesting and valuable things to say.

Something Rubin talks about are Foundation Habits, which are habits that tend make you more effective in everything you do. Creating external order is one of them and it’s kind of a big deal for me.

A routine I steadfastly stick with is making the bed. It not only looks nice, it signals a transition from the lounge-y, slow-moving mood of waking up to the more focussed energy required for the busy days of learning and working and playing that my family grinds out.

For me, this two-minute daily ritual is essential. What routines do you use to create external order? What do you think might make a difference in your home and life?