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IMG_4314Hello. I’m back on the blog and ready for fall. I hope everyone else is, too!One of the things I finally got to over the summer was a re-vamp of my office. It was in serious need of some TLC.My storage needed to be re-organized. I had a lot of dated and unused items to be purged and things needed to be sorted out so I could think when I went into the room.I’ve found that I really struggle to get things done in an environment that is messy and out-of-control. It’s like all the stuff is competing for my attention. However, it’s pretty easy to get a room into that state during hectic times of the year.I’d been putting off dealing with it, but now that it’s done I am feeling so much more in control of everything.While I am certainly no expert at organization (and I fall down regularly on keeping things up) here are the strategies that work for me.Think in zonesI identify zones for different types of activities. In my office these break down roughly as work areas, long-term storage, short-term storage and items I need to take action on such as reading, replying or forms for filling out. I have areas where each activity takes place. There are large tables for working on, drawers and cabinets for different types of storage and file racks for action.Make a place for everythingIt helps me to have a designated spot for the things I keep around. This can seem tedious, I know. There are two things about it that work for me. The first is that I really have to consider each item in terms of what value it provides in my life. The second is that it’s pretty easy to put it back and keep the clutter from building up.Schedule regular maintenance timeI started this practice after sorting through everything I’d carried around for two or three moves and not dealt with. It was a MAJOR job and I swore I’d never do it again. By tackling things a section at a time, I can get to it all without having to do it all at once. Over the course of a year it all gets addressed. My goal is always to eliminate things that aren’t serving me anymore. Then I recycle or donate them.What strategies do you use to get your space organized and working for you?