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Technique >> Refreshing for Spring

photoI know spring has arrived when the shifting angle of the sun makes me painfully aware of how dirty the windows look. Areas I'm sure that I clean reveal a build up of dust that suggests I’m not as “on it” as I thought. Does this ever happen to you?In my effort to get the winter dirt out I also have a strong impulse to update, renew and change things in my home. I think many people feel this way and it’s tough to apply the patience and time required to undertake a full project.Even so, there are a many things you can do to get an instant lift:>> add a bouquet of fresh flowers in fuchsia, violet or yellow to your home>> bring a pop of colour to the kitchen with new tea towels and linens>> swap out your duvet cover with something in a lighter, fresher colour>> update planters at the front door with witch hazel or pussy willows>> change out your accent cushions in the living room>> organize and tidy your hallway closet and donate items you no longer need>> roll up and store rugs What makes it feel like spring to you? What will you do to update your space?