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Technique >> Mixing wood

art-storyRecently a client mentioned wanting to use a wooden piano she inherited from her grandmother in the space we are working on.I love incorporating pieces that have special meaning or history and so our conversation turned to how to work the piano into the room.The wood is not the same as some of the other pieces we were considering. Does this mean the piano is a non-starter? Not at all.Here are five points to consider when mixing wood tones in a room:>> Blend tones with accessoriesUse tones found in the wood in the other accents in the room like your frames, vases and objets. You can incorporate them into more permanent features too like the wood of a mantle, or bookshelves. This creates a flow, without matching everything up.>> Use fabric or rugs as a counterpointIf you don’t want to use a lot of wooden accessories you can still create a harmonious space by balancing the tones of the wooden piece you are working with against a thoughtfully placed rug, upholstery or drapery fabric that echoes the colour of the wood.>> Choose more natural or matte finishes The less sheen there is on the wood the more naturally it will mix together. Think about a forest. The colours are endless, but it all works.>> Keep balance by breaking up the different wooden piecesAvoid grouping all the wooden pieces in the same area, or stacking them on top of one another. You need some contrast. Spread the items around a bit to achieve balance across the entire room.>> Pay attention to the undertonesYou also need to look at the colour of the undertones in the wood and its stain. Is it red, yellow, orange, green or blue? If you’ve got an orange undertone you can create drama by adding something blue, which is a complementary colour, or you can create a more serene feel by continuing to work with the orange.A room that is well layered always feels right and some very successful spaces mix a number of wooden pieces together. These rooms are beautiful because they have depth and soul.