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Technique >> Mini-Guide to Window Coverings

Window CoveringsIt seems like all I’ve been doing lately is window coverings. Almost every one of my current projects has drapery, shades or blinds as part of the scope. Since I’ve been thinking a lot about the subject I thought a mini-guide to window coverings might be a good post to write.

Personally, I love to fill a wall with drapery. It just gives such a dramatic look. Very rarely will I frame only a window, but there are times when it makes sense. I always make a decision about how to treat a window in context with what else is surrounding it and the feeling I’m trying to create in the room.

For this post we’ll talk about five types of window coverings: drapery, shades, shutters, blinds and films. We’ll review their characteristics, when to use them and things to think about before making your choice.

Window covering options

Once you’ve selected a style, the next step is measuring, but that’s another blog post.

What types of window coverings do you prefer?