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Technique >> How to make your art look great

art-storyPeople often assume that because I work as a designer I am judging the interiors of their homes. Honestly, I’m not. It’s rare that I think “nooooooo” when I enter someone’s home. Except, for this one thing.It is very hard for me to see art that is mis-hung. Mostly because it feels like a distortion of the people living there.Art is the personality in your home. What you choose to display makes a big difference in how a space feels because it’s a reflection of what connects for you. That’s a very personal and individual thing. When you hang your art consistently and thoughtfully throughout a home it creates flow and connection. It tells a story.The most common error I see is art floating up along the ceiling. I’m not sure why this happens, but I see it often enough that there must be some logic at play. Here are three things to consider when choosing where to put your art.Keep sight lines and proximity in mindYou will get one feeling when you hang a photograph of a canoe next to a wooden sculpture than you will when you hang an abstract painting next to that same sculpture. When you are conscious about the relationship among your pieces in terms of colour or theme you can play with their placement in your home to deliberately create a feeling. This applies whether you are working with framed IKEA posters, or original oil paintings.Hang it at the right heightArt should be hung at average human eye level, which is between 56 and 58 inches from the floor. If the art is primarily viewed in a room where you are sitting, like the dining room, it should be even lower. To do this consistently measure the height of the artwork you are hanging and divide it by two. Add that number to 56 and then subtract the distance from the top of the frame to the hook. This is the height on the wall where you put the nail.Consider the relationship to the objects around itArt is rarely completely detached from the space it hangs in and so you do need to consider this when deciding on placement. A piece hung over a sofa, or console table is completing a grouping. When placing a piece in relationship with your furnishings make sure it is no higher than 6 - 10” above the top of your furniture. It will have more impact this way.Have you found any tips for hanging your art well? Do you have any pieces that need to be re-hung?