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Technique >> How to live well in small spaces

I am a bit of a minimalist. I believe you can live very nicely with less if you’ve taken the time to really think about what you let in based on what gives you the most joy.I strive to live that everyday, but it isn’t always easy. I often fall short. Confession: I have a bit of a paper addiction. I love notecards and card stock, glitter pens, punches and crafty stuff. It could take over my home. However, I’ve set up a designated space for it and when things start to get out of hand, I pare it down. Pronto-ish.If you are space-challenged, or just want a more compact way of living here are a few ideas for getting your space working for you.1:: Define what really mattersIf something is a priority in your life you can make space for it in your home. I know people who have created nurseries from walk-in closets and meditation nooks on stair landings. It is powerful when you give important aspects of your life a physical space to occupy in your home.2:: Curate itIf you can’t get everything to fit, maybe you have to pare back. Keep only the most essential items for your lifestyle. Consider what you need for 80 per cent of your day-to-day living as well as what items just make you happy. Gift, donate or toss the rest and rent or borrow when you need it.3:: Do double dutyWhen square footage is at a premium everything in your home needs to have more than one purpose. If you buy an ottoman, it better have storage. If you create an entry console, it should double as a mail sorting station. You can also frame your plants as artwork.4:: Display itFor items you can’t tuck it away, ensure they are clean and of good quality. Then, make them a focal point. Displaying your collections and frequently used items gives people a sense of who you are when they come into your home. Instead of a piece of art, why not hang your bike on a feature wall? Don’t have room for bookcases? Hang rows of shelves across the wall and float your sofa in front of it. This can work for any lifestyle specific collections, hobbies or gear.I’ve put together a Pinterest board on Small | Smart spaces to give you some ideas. If you like the ideas, pin them!What ideas have worked for you to get more from your space?