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holiday decorThis week the calendar rolled over into December and I can officially begin preparing for the season and that includes holiday decorating.  There are a few key areas of my home that I change out seasonally and the front entrance is one.

Our family life is pretty busy and I don’t have a huge amount of time to devote to this work. However, the entry to your home sets the tone for what to expect inside.

It is an important part of making people feel welcome and respected. For this reason, I believe it deserves a bit of attention and it is a priority for me.

I’ve developed a system that is pretty simple. I always decorate a couple of planters flanking the door and hang a wreath. It’s kind of a big deal to me to use natural materials as often as is practical.

A few years ago I found a wreath of red berries of that I love and that has the right scale for the door. It accents beautifully against the wood stain and has become the foundation for the look each year.

I fill the planters with seasonal greenery and style them with berries, pinecones and dogwood branches. This year there is even a bit of ribbon.

The result is bit different from year-to-year depending on the greens that are available and how they combine in the planters, but the basic process is the same.

Once it’s done, I’m a bit more motivated to get all of the other holiday preparations done.

What do you do to start your holiday prep?