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Technique >> Designing Great Entryways

Entry Checklist Well thought out entries and exits can make a dramatic difference in your life. Here's how...The entry is the first thing people see when they arrive in your home, and the last opportunity to organize yourself before facing the day. In short, entries are transition spaces. The link between inside and out.It is important to create a create a sense of arrival and a solid launch pad for your day.When I work with my clients I always like to start with what feelings they want the space to reflect. Relaxed, welcoming, calm, organized, cheerful, energized? This is a very personal choice and it affects the design dramatically. After that, there are some essentials to cross off the list. The first is somewhere to set down whatever is in your hands, be that keys, purses or mail. Then somewhere to hang up whatever you are peeling off such as hats, coats, umbrellas, boots, shoes and bags. And, often you need somewhere to sit down while doing up or undoing shoes.If you are greeting guests plan around having enough space to comfortably gather. In this case, you may need to visually extend your entryway down the hall a bit to create more room with a runner or rug.Regardless, a good mat that absorbs rain or snow and a mirror is always useful for checking there are no lingering breakfast remnants or lipstick on your teeth.Checklist for a great entryway

  • Design to create a sense of arrival. Does it create a specific feeling? Is the one you want?
  • Furnish and decorate with function in mind. Are all the essential elements there?
  • Review the lighting sources and quality. Is there enough light? Can it be adjusted?
  • Assess the existing storage. Do you you have enough? Of the right kind?

Now, go take a look at your entryway. Are there any items from the checklist you want to update? Tell me about them.