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This week has been overflowing with supplier relationships. I’m currently working on pinning down a tile and drapery order. Reviewing lighting options and searching for some accessories to complete an entryway hall. At least, those are the highlights. With everything on the go at the same time I’ve been noticing the range of care you get from different firms. I like to make note of what I like and don’t in an experience so I can work to incorporate -- or eliminate -- those elements from my own interactions. I really believe there are always new things to learn.Here are some of the things I like best:> A follow-up on the agreed timeline, even if it's just to say: I don't have the information yet> A memory of the details of our contract> Being told: I don't know the answer, but I can find out vs. getting vague or incorrect information> A check-in in before charging aheadOne of the things that is very important to me is that when I recommend a product or company to a client that they will have both a great result and a great experience. I’ve been proud to say that to this point most of the suppliers I recommend I have used in my own home. In fact, I will often test a supplier out with a personal project of some sort before I recommend them to a client.How do you like to vet suppliers?