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Design-DNAThe piece I wrote for Avenue Magazine’s February issue is now out on newsstands, but you can read about each of the personalized spaces on the website, too. (All the links are provided below...)As you know, I am passionate about totally personalized design and love to see people step up and really create spaces that reflect them.For this story I looked at three totally unique-to-their-owner's spaces. A kitchen, a shoe room and a sewing workroom.In the Bellman home, the couple took on a kitchen renovation that started with a piece of stone they loved and the help of designer Ana Cummings.It was shoes, shoes everywhere for fashion blogger and stylist Mikki Fox, until she hired Jacqueline Corea to design a custom shoe room to house them all.And, Elaine Lam’s bespoke sewing room by housebrand provides space for sewing, crafting and accounting. Yes, you heard that right.Tell me, which one speaks to you?