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Public Art

Public Art

There has been a lot of discussion in our city recently about funding and what creates value. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I do have a perspective.Storytelling is our first and most powerful way of absorbing new ideas. Sometimes you like those stories, sometimes you understand those stories and sometimes you don’t. However, everything begins with an idea before it becomes a thing.I am not interested in a society where citizens do not value the opportunity to stop, take stock and discuss ideas and perspectives that might be new or unfamiliar. I believe arts and culture are an essential vehicle to create those conversations outside of the toxic political rhetoric that is currently consuming our society.Arts and culture represent an essential forum, and the reality is that forum is not always commercial.The voices that can fund their ideas are not the only voices that should be heard and there is a tremendous public good in funding work that spurs conversation.A city that does not value discourse, even — and maybe especially — when it is difficult will not position itself for the future. We must challenge our thinking if we want to remain relevant and well-positioned to shape the world we inhabit. For Calgary, I feel this is more relevant than ever.Plus, sometimes art and the various forms it takes just make you smile.⁣