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Original artwork makes a big difference in creating a personal space. It’s something I highly recommend people include whenever they can and it doesn’t have to be Monet to be original.

There are many artists doing excellent work and at range of price points. The most important things about selecting artwork is to understand what you like.

It's not as intimidating as it sounds:

1/ Educate yourself by visiting galleries — you'll find people very interested in talking about art and artists. Look at the art. Decide what you like. Are there mediums that you really enjoy? Painting, prints, photography, collage, sculpture, wood cuts. There are so many choices.

2/ Identify artists that you like. Whose work are you draw to over and over again?

3/ Remember that how you frame and hang artwork will make a difference in the impact it gives you.

When gallery pieces are not in the budget, here are list of my go to sources for great, original prints and inspiration:

20 x 200

Mammoth & Co. 




What are your favourite art sources? Please share them in the comments below!