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Review Roundup >> International Contemporary Furniture Fair

I wish I could have attended the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) and WantedDesign events in New York last week, but it wasn’t in the plan this year. However, I have been following the news closely and it appears there were loads of fun and interesting new designs.I decided to post a summary of my favourite summaries of the show. Here are a few links that give a flavour of the latest trends as well as the new pieces, patterns and finds from the showroom floor this year.Top 30 list :: AzureThe team at Azure did something different and curated a Top 30 list from the show and related events. (I can’t even imagine how long it must have taken to narrow it down.) My favorites off this list are the felt textiles from London’s Anne Kyyro Quinn, the Kent soft from The Future Perfect and the outdoor pizza oven by Weltevree. I’d like one for my backyard. Well-rounded review :: California Home+DesignA great all around wrap up by California Home+Design. Check out the 3D printed lighting (yes, lighting!) from Nervous System as well as the beautiful shades from Graypants with made entirely of repurposed cardboard. Cool wall coverings :: Huffington PostHuff Post Home did an interesting review of all the wall coverings they were seeing. An awesome wrap up. Those felt panels from Anne Kyyro Quinn are in here again, I also liked the whimsy of Yukari Sweeny’s lines. Eye candy slideshow :: Wallpaper*A great 72-slides-strong wrap up, with lots of eye candy. I liked the colourful travel posters from Jonah Takagi’s Field project as well as the sculptural log holders by Kilian O’Sullivan Design. So very cool! What do you like the best? If you were at the show, what did you enjoy that hasn't made the wrap ups?