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Open concept family friendly

I’ve been excited to post this family friendly open concept project for a while now. It's a new project to our portfolio and we did this contemporary space for a wonderfully fun family who love entertaining friends and spending time together. 

A winter prairie palette of golds, greys, blues, green and cream was selected to keep the room feeling fresh and contemporary, but also warm. A young family lives here so having wipeable, hard wearing fabrics and surfaces were essential.

Making room for the television

One of the main challenges with the living room was how to incorporate the television without having it dominate the space. That’s tricky because televisions are essentially large black rectangles that command attention and draw the eye. However, it needed to be in the room and so we found a way.

We did it by effectively breaking the room into two planes at the fireplace mantle and building out the furnishings and decor around the around the lower half of the room. It keeps the scale feeling intimate and suited for a conversation when the television is off.

Family-friendly details

We also incorporated lots of storage with consoles that flank the fireplace and room for baskets to gather toys and other items that collect in living rooms.

It was also important to only install accessories and styling items that could take a little abuse by the wee folks in the house.

Performance fabrics and natural fibres were used throughout so that they stand up to heavy use and wipe up easily. It will keep the home looking fresh for years to come.






What is essential for your family? Are there things you could not live without?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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