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Oscars >> 2013 Architectural Digest Greenroom

While everyone was watching the Oscars last night I was dissecting the decor in the Architectural Digest Greenroom. Not sure what this says about me, but you can form your own opinions.I know Art Deco is not everyone’s cup of tea and, truthfully, it’s not a style I’d do in my own home either. However, for the space and the occasion. Wow! The room looks stunning. Who wouldn’t want to hang out there for a while?I love the swooping barrel back of the seating, which was supplied by Baker, and the oranges and blues that pop against a palette of browns, creams and golds. It’s definitely got a celebratory mood about it. HuffPost also did a great profile of the designer, Madeline Stuart, who was one of the magazine’s Top 100 architects and designers for 2012.Photo by: Roger DavisHere are the features I think really make the space:>> The sumptuous Schumacher fabrics in silks and velvets and that chevron pattern on the chairs>> Playing the simple curves repeated in the chairs and table selections against the linear details on the doors and panelled walls>> Contrast, contrast, contrast between the polished black parquet floors, ivory rug and warm tones in the upholstery fabrics>> That sleek, sexy Art Deco bar! What type of decor says celebration and glamour to you?