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There is lots of talk about luxury at home these days. For many people luxury means expensive, but I do not think of it in that way.

To me, luxury means having exactly what you need when you need it.

Luxury is about thoughtfulness and attention to the details

I believe this is entirely achievable in people’s homes by taking the time to think about what might make the experience of navigating your home a more pleasant experience.

Having a clean, neatly folded face cloth in arms reach when you want to wash your face

Opening a cabinet door or walking to a shelf to find your dishes stacked and ready to set a table for guests

Hanging your keys in a perfectly positioned hook as you come in the door

None of these details are inherently expensive, but they do take foresight to plan, set up and maintain.

Experiencing luxury in the everyday takes some commitment

What I find is that it's the work of thinking through the details and developing systems to achieve them that people are often unwilling to do, which is why luxury is so often experienced when someone else takes on that work.

If you think of your life at home as series of rituals, you can consider what might make that aspect of your day better. There is usually an affordable way to move it ahead.

If you want a clean, neatly folded facecloth available to you every day, purchase a 12-pack of white face clothes, display them on your counter in a beautiful bowl or tray and then wash and re-fold them every week when you do the linens.

Knowing what is meaningful to you is the first step to experiencing luxury every day

It’s a matter of saying to yourself that this will be a priority for you because it makes you feel good.

What luxuries do you enjoy in your home? Please leave a note in the comments below.