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IDS West >> Part II: Top Ideas

Alright, here is part two on my top IDS West finds this year. Best ideas discussed at the show:Importance of Taking Risks: The talk by Piero Lissoni that I mentioned in an earlier post was definitely a highlight. One of the things I love hearing established anythings discuss is their failures. Not because it makes me feel better about mine (of course, there is that too!), but because it reminds me that everything moves ahead because we take a risk. Sometimes that works out. Sometimes, meh. It’s how we learn. However, without trying we’ll never actually create anything. Lissoni’s talk was a humorous review of his requirements for a successful design and a behind the scenes reminder that you don’t always crack it out of the park on the first try. His list for successful design is a bit esoteric, but includes the concepts of: lightness, quickness, exactness, visibility, multiplicity and being current. Of course, the Italian words were much more poetic.Defining Regional Architecture: The other thing I loved was the 100-Mile House competition sponsored by The Architecture Foundation of BC. I have often thought about what might be included in the Prairie version. In terms of materials I can think of limestone, brick, aspen, barnboard, straw, grass, cowhide, berries and root balls. However, there is so much more. You could spend years on the colour palette alone. And, I bet it wouldn’t need to come together in that romantic way that is so often associated with the prairie. I bet it could even be done without lace! Perhaps a risk worth exploring...