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Waiting with Kate Spade

Last week I spent over an hour waiting for an installer to show up for a scheduled and (twice) confirmed appointment. It happens. Not often, but it does. I entertained myself taking selfies of my new metallic Kate Spade kicks — as shown above — and hitting refresh on my email looking for an update.

While I waited the next trade arrived to do the work they could only complete after the first trade was finished. Except, when the second trade arrived the work was not even started because the first person was now over an hour late. Among all the waiting the homeowner arrived back to the house.

When the installer did arrive — with apologies for the circumstances beyond her control that lead to the lateness — she got to work. Myself, the second trade, the homeowner and the nanny all watched as technical challenges developed with the install. Awkward. They were eventually resolved, but it made for some tense moments.

The client thanked me for being there to ask the right questions and problem solve. It reminded me that the work we do as designers — holding the client’s vision and creating a design and path to achieve it — is a specialized expertise.

We understand how the industry suppliers work, who is responsible for what elements of a job, what effect and function will be created with our decisions, how to communicate what needs to take place and how to evaluate the quality of the work and project manage it to completion. Oh, yes, we also make it look good.

Occasionally, I question whether I really need to babysit the details so closely.

Last week reminded me, I do.