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Yours + Mine >> Summer's Over!

Summer 2014The lazy days of summer are over. Our family had one of our best summers, ever. We hiked. We biked. We played on the beach and visited with friends. It was great and just the break we all needed.

Now, it’s back to routine.

However, before all that gets going and life takes over, I thought I’d do something I don’t normally do and share some of the highlights of our holiday time with you.

They included the first big elevation hike for my children (950 ft!) and a solo paddle down the Columbia River that I’ve wanted to try for four years.

We got our youngest riding on two wheels this year and she’s now comfortable on a trail geared for first-timers. We also did a tent camping trip to universal applause.

It’s very exciting to re-connect with these activities that have been harder and — let’s be honest — not as much fun while the children were very young.

I hope your summer was a great one as well and would love to hear some of the highlights!