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Karen Attwell

Karen Attwell

Last week I did something totally out of character for me. I signed up at the last minute for a workshop on taking better self-portraits.

This may not seem so out there, but I am not a fan of being photographed and I rarely post photos of myself.

My view is that I generally look drugged or ill. It gets worse when I try to take the photo myself. So, doing this workshop was kind of a big deal for me.

Perhaps you read that last the paragraph and thought: Minor really, what’s her issue?

As an introvert who abhors the spotlight and loves a low profile, I assure you that it’s kind of like base jumping.

Anyway, I digress. The workshop was hosted by Lori Andrews, who is an insanely talented women that produces amazing self- portraiture work among other pursuits including interior design.

I first met Lori when I interviewed her for an article I wrote for Avenue Magazine about her house and the interior she'd designed. If you don’t know Lori Andrews, you should. Go check her out. Quick.

The shot above was taken by her because time was running out and she was committed to having everyone leave with a great photo. I did the post-production editing.

I love the feeling of this photo, which was snapped in less than two minutes. I’ve always felt stiff and not myself in headshots (actually, most photos) and this image captures the energy I feel inside and bring to my work and life.

So, moral of the story. Taking a scary step can lead to all kinds of goodness.

Guess only time will tell if I keep up the commitment to creating and sharing more of this kind of thing.

As they say, stay tuned…