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Field Trip >> Uniquities Party

I went to the Holiday Reveal Party last night at Uniquities, my favourite architectural antique and salvage shop in the city. They always have an amazing collection of unique finds, many sourced from markets in Europe.The curation in the store is wonderful. I love imagining the ways different pieces could be used, or the rooms that could be designed around them. It's a visual treat. There is really nothing like the patina of a timeworn and loved piece from another era. Many of the finds at the store are originally handmade and the craftsmanship is clear.Last night, I was really loving the lighting. And, I wish I had spent more time photographing it because then I could show you! I did pull one of my favourite finds of the night from their website. It’s a surveying tripod that has been retrofitted as a floor lamp. The colour in the wood is so rich and warm. Take a peak!