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Field Trip >> Aldred Centre

My eldest daughter has been fascinated by a building under construction at the S.A.I.T. campus for about a year. I promised her (many, many times) we would tour it when it was done. Our family spent some time today exploring the new Aldred Centre and we were all so impressed. Awe-mazing!I’ve had a love affair with the S.A.I.T. campus for some time. There are many amazing spaces and buildings and the newest campus addition didn’t disappoint. Aldred Centre features a wavy roofline and diamond-shaped volumes of glass and steel. The entire building is thoughtfully organized to allow flexibility of use and serve as a hub for learning. However, I could easily see hosting an elegant reception in several of the building's open areas.We checked out the skyline and parkland views from the top floor labs, scoped out the main level food court and wandered the polished aggregate concrete and panelled halls, which feature exposed and labelled mechanical systems so students can see how these elements work in application. The icing on the cake is the decor, which is sleek and sparkling and fresh. A highlight was watching the lights change on a four-storey backlit escalator wall that speaks to me of possibility and promise and dreams fulfilled. We will definitely be back!