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Design Crush >> Naomi Cleaver

I happened on a book the other day that I have to share. It is by a UK designer named Naomi Cleaver and is called The Joy of Home. I think I have a design crush. The premise of the book is that designing a home is about so much more than how it looks or functions, but in how it makes us feel and behave. Exactly!While the book is certainly less detailed than, say, a masters of architecture, it is an excellent reference for how to think about design. Almost any homeowner planning to renovate, redecorate or upgrade their space would get benefit from reading it. And, it’s a great go to for things to consider as a project proceeds. Cleaver touches on identifying your needs, developing and exploring ideas, decor styles, space planning, finishes and fixtures as well as tips for going it alone, or hiring the right help. She also breaks down various spaces within a home and the things to think about in creating an attractive space that will function well and fit your lifestyle.She also makes an obvious point that I feel is often lost. “Different things make different people happy.” While there are commonly agreed principles of what elements create pleasing design there is no single style that is correct, rather there are trends. Much like in fashion. She also explains that, “When creating a home it is easy to confuse the process of design with the pursuit of good taste, but the two are different concepts.” I couldn’t agree more. We all lead different lives and are interested in and attracted to different things. Isn’t that what makes it interesting?