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Decor Dilemma >> Stretching the Comfort Zone

People hire me for lots of reasons. Some have great style, but no time to pull a room together. Some just need a bit of assurance they are making smart decisions and want a sounding board and an unbiased opinion. And, some clients know what they like, but don’t know how to make it happen. It’s a range and I love it. However, sometimes I’ll make a recommendation that makes a client a bit uncomfortable. How much do you encourage them to give it a shot? When do you let it go and focus the search elsewhere?What I’ve come to realize is that sometimes we are uncomfortable because something is new, or out of our comfort zone and not necessarily the wrong choice. Please permit me a fashion analogy. For me, leggings fall into this category. I actively resisted them for a lot time and then learned how they could work on me. (It's very different than on Elle Macpherson!) Sometimes, a look is just wrong for us. I put boho-style in this category. I like it a lot - on other people. On me, it’s just a costume. I think there are parallels in home decor. Ultimately, it's about making a space a reflection of the client and their family.Since my clients will live daily with the choices we make together I believe they need to love the items we pick and feel comfortable around them. However, until it’s all been pulled together it’s not always possible to see how it works. How much should I encourage taking a risk? When do you just accept an ‘I’m not so sure’?