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Custom Upholstery >> Death by Detail

There are so many benefits to doing a custom piece of furniture, but pinning down the final details always makes me a bit crazy. I am just about to order a few great pieces for a traditional living room project that’s been on the go through the summer. Getting all the final details dialed in and clearly specified has been, by far, the most time consuming. We are doing a large storage ottoman and re-covering two gorgeous wingback chairs that once sat in the office of the homeowner’s father.In this case the client has a well-established colour palette, a strong design identity and no trouble making decisions. (Yup, it’s a dream client!) That’s made it pretty quick and easy for us to whittle down the fabric selections and styles that will work. However, I really believe that it’s the details that make a piece and create a personality for it. And, that personality has to work with everything else in the room. A big part of my job is ensuring those details are all clear for the craftsmen, because they don't have access to all the other furnishings and finishes in the home.In this case, we are doing a huge (48” x 36”) tufted storage ottoman with a dual-row of nailhead trim and so I’m trying to make decisions about the colour of the trim metal, the distance between the rows, the location (on the lid, or just below) and the wood colour and profile for the legs. And, because it’s custom, I don’t want to make a mistake. No returns allowed! Fortunately, I’ve got a wonderful upholsterer. However, it really does make you appreciate how many decisions you don’t have to make when buying off the showroom floor. I’ll definitely be posting some pictures when these items are done!