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Countertops >> Bianco Romano

I spent the morning sourcing countertops with a client for her ongoing kitchen renovation. The family has bought a townhouse with great bones, but dated finishes. In this case they are making rather extensive changes, but often new paint and different lighting is all you need to really transform the look of a space.However, that’s a post for another day. Our search today was directed by the fact that my client wanted the look of marble for the kitchen, but without the maintenance and potential for staining. I happen to like quartz because it is so functional and so it’s often my starting point, but we didn’t find anything that fit the bill. What was perfect was this gorgeous bianco romano granite that is white with cream, tan and black veining. It was less expensive, too!After that the most difficult choice was settling on an edge profile, which is really important for creating the mood of the space. We wanted to give an elegant, but clean look and so we settled on a quarter-inch bevel. It is more refined than simply easing the edges, but isn’t as intricate as some of the more sculptural profiles. Clean, elegant and timeless.