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Confessions >> Happy Fourth Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Thanks to the magic of LinkedIn, I have just learned that Form Interiors is celebrating its fourth anniversary. Four years!I remember in the early days of this business looking ahead at all the work to create and build a design business and feeling a little queasy. You know what? It's been a blast. There have been some really great days. Like client installs. I think I've mentioned before right here how happy these days make me. Winning Best of Houzz for Design and Service was pretty great, too.There have also been some really low, lows. The day a shipper lost the truck carrying a client's custom rug and couldn't tell me for over a day where it was or whether they would find it was one. Seriously, they lost a truck! Did I mention it was carrying a custom rug? So. Stressful. I've learned a lot of grace when holding it together and handling those situations.Mostly, I'm just blow away at how fast the time has gone and how many projects have been completed. I'm excited, too.There are lots of new things on the horizon. We are kicking off a couple of very fun new projects. There is a new website in development for January. And, it's looking like there may be some new faces on the team, too.A million thanks to the great clients who have made it possible and the wonderful roster of suppliers I've been able to build. These are the people that make this work so rewarding.I think I'll have a cupcake and celebrate. Happy Fourth Anniversary!